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*** Moved to live streaming online, visit to access class.***

A clear and comprehensive explanation of the entire path to enlightenment. We all have the potential for self-transformation, and a limitless capacity for the growth of good qualities, but to fulfil this potential we need to know what to do along every stage of our spiritual journey. With this book, Geshe Kelsang offers us step-by-step guidance on the meditation practices that will lead us to lasting inner peace and happiness.

With extraordinary clarity, he presents all Buddha’s teachings in the order in which they are to be practised, enriching his explanation with stories and illuminating analogies. This is a perfect guidebook to the Buddhist path.


Joining FP involves studying a section of the book and trying to attend all classes, one of which is an end-of-term exam. Each class consists of prayers, guided meditation, teaching and discussion. You can join the program at any time.

Tuesday nights 6.30pm-9pm

Each class consists of preliminary prayers, guided meditation and a reading from the book with commentary and discussion.

Class Fee: $80 per month which also entitles you to attend all classes and courses held by Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Centre

Fullarton Park Community Centre – Boardroom , 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton

If you would like to try FP, please email  to confirm your attendance.

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