Fearless – Week 3 (WB 1/11)


Everyone is welcome. Classes include guided meditations and Buddhist teachings that are very practical and easily applied to help solve daily problems and experience more peace of mind. There is no need to bring anything. Book online or drop-in any week.

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Learn the source of all fears and how, by developing a special wisdom, we can overcome them once and for all.


Gen Kelsang Tsalden is a fully ordained Australian Buddhist nun who has practised Kadampa Buddhism for over 16 years, training in Sydney and the UK. With over 12 years experience as a Resident Teacher her clear, inspiring teachings and gentle manner make Buddhist wisdom accessible to all. 

Which location would you like to attend?

Blackwood – Monday 7.30pm, Fullarton – Wednesday 7.30pm, Glenelg – Thursday 7.30pm, Glenelg – Tuesdays 10am