Fullarton – Week 2 – Don’t Look Back in Anger – 10/3/21


CLASS TIME: 7.30-8.45PM

VENUE : Fullarton Park Community Centre, 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton, SA

Parking available onsite.

Availability: 30 in stock

It is impossible to go through life without feeling harmed by others. However, we don’t need to hang onto this hurt or allow it to define us. Holding onto blame, anger and resentment only causes us mental pain. It keeps us trapped in a negative self-view, and stops us from moving on with our life and fulfilling our potential. On this course we can learn how to free our mind from these painful states and find some real mental freedom.


Gen Kelsang Tsalden is a fully ordained Australian Buddhist nun who has practised Kadampa Buddhism for over 16 years, training in Sydney and the UK. With over 12 years experience as a Resident Teacher her clear, inspiring teachings and gentle manner make Buddhist wisdom accessible to all.