The Hills Retreat April 2024 – Male 3-Person Shared Room


Fri 26- Sun 28 April 2024

VENUE : Nunyara Conference Centre, Belair

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Retreat gives us the opportunity to relax, unwind and gain a deeper experience of meditation and inner peace. At our Hills Retreat, we will emphasise the practice of patient acceptance, cherishing others and considering their happiness as important. The practice of patience is not passive but very powerful. It is a special attitude that deals with life’s challenges with a peaceful mind and loving heart.

When our inner world is transformed into acceptance, love and compassion, the outer world will follow. If we truly want our lives and our world to be different, this needs to be our daily life practice. All problems arise from excessive self-focus, attachment, anger and unrealistic expectations of ourself and others. Patient acceptance dissolves all these problems. With our mind of love, we will always have space for everyone.

Join us on this retreat, everyone is welcome. The retreat is suitable for both beginners and those looking to deepen their practice.


Kelsang Monlam is the Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Adelaide and has been teaching meditation and buddhism since 2008. Monlam presents Buddha’s teachings in a light and practical manner, and inspires us through example to incorporate Buddha’s teachings into our daily life. 

Male 3-Person Shared Room

Male 3-Person Shared Room – Vegetarian, Male 3-Person Shared Room – Vegan, Male 3-Person Shared Room – Vegetarian & Linen, Male 3-Person Shared Room – Vegan & Linen