Week 6 – Glenelg – How to Solve Our Human Problems 02-07-20


CLASS TIME: 7.30-8.45PM

VENUE : The Partridge House, 38 Partridge Street, Glenelg

Street parking available.

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In this busy world, our experiences of happiness are fleeting and short-lived, while inner peace eludes us completely. Our negative states of mind, such as uncontrolled desire and anger, create endless problems for ourselves and others, and prevent us from fulfilling our deepest wishes. Buddha’s popular teaching on the Four Noble Truths offers a clear and simple solution, guiding us to an oasis of peace within our hearts.


The teacher of this course is Kelsang Luma. Luma is the Resident Teacher of Maitreya Kadampa Buddhist Centre. Luma is a well loved for her humility as well as her energy and joy in sharing Buddha’s instructions.